Work Plan (first year)

The project starts with the feasibility study assigned to WP0. The goal of WP0 is to validate the business and technical feasibility with prospective customers and use this information to create a business plan and go-to-market strategy.

This includes the evaluation of the business cases and their applicability to the market under investigation. The work package is divided into two tasks, with technical and business feasibility being treated separately.

Project management (WP1) is carried out during the project to support the progress of the work. WP1 will provide the organizational platform for the project and will have to take care of all general functions. Therefore, internal and external communication processes will be designed. A steering committee will be established and the technical infrastructure for document exchange will be provided.

Use Casas and Application (WP4) starts three months after the feasibility study. The target user use cases are defined. These will join the market entry strategies defined in WP0. To achieve this goal, several discussions with users will be held.

Towards the end of the year the starting point of WP3. In WP3 the prerequisites for the holographic representation of data and applications will be created, which will be specified in WP4. For this purpose, the HoloLens operating system will be prepared accordingly and interfaces to the required data sources and applications will be set up.

Professional development (WP2) starts at the same time and is dedicated to improving cooperation and the level of innovation by supporting the professional development of the people working on the project.

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