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Maintenance of machinery and related infrastructure is very intensive, measured in terms of direct labour costs, resource costs and potential operating losses due to downtime.

The mining sector relies on extensive infrastructure systems such as buildings, gas and water pipelines, sewerage systems, etc. to operate efficiently. This dependence is even more critical when it comes to transport infrastructure such as roads, shafts, conveyor belts and all the associated mining machines that perform the actual transport tasks.

The maintenance of this transport infrastructure (including mining equipment) is crucial, as a non-functional infrastructure will have a negative impact on the operation and ultimately on competitiveness in the hard mining sector. This continued performance of the transport infrastructure should be a strong incentive to invest in resources to improve the efficiency of maintenance on a large scale.

The mining sector is increasingly using innovative techniques to improve the productivity of existing assets and infrastructure. The key risk for the mining and metals industry is digital efficiency with the potential to improve productivity and profit margins.

There is a huge potential to transform the traditional maintenance approach into a more cost-effective, data-driven, autonomous and intelligent decision-making process through the use of new technologies. To be competitive in the mining sector, operating costs and effectiveness are of primary importance and have a linear impact on performance and margins.

Our proposed solution

HoloMine's goal is to provide an Enterprise Mixed Reality (MR) solution that enables existing mining companies to make optimized maintenance decisions for their transportation infrastructure. This solution is based on a unique combination of:

  • advanced analysis of huge amounts of machinery and infrastructure data (both real-time and historical) 
  • Real-time data visualization with state-of-the-art holographic technology 
  • specially adapted holographic hardware for use in harsh environments 

The solution will not only visualize the condition monitoring status of machines and maintenance intervals in AR, but also illustrate detailed technical steps for OPEX-optimized mine machine maintenance in an easy-to-use mixed reality environment.

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