Background of the project

Mine automation and digitalization (known as Mining 4.0, Smart Mining or Intelligent Mining) is one of the key technologies for successful mining business of the future.

The integration of real world and virtual world in one 3D/4D environment is one of the door opening technologies on this way, in particular to gain useful information out of big data packages.

Latest technology for realization is the Microsoft HoloLens; First application for different use cases from gaming industry through consumer applications to serious industrial applications are already available.

Several EIT RM projects are dealing with mine automation and delivering big data; so MR will enhance the usefulness of all these projects to a new level. Examples are: RockVader, iDeepMon, STINGS, MaMMa, UNDROMEDA…

Within the HoloMine project, a product will be established that will reduce the operational costs of roads, shafts and conveyors by supporting the service process.

The first steps for our pilots on a road header, belt conveyor or shaft inspection system are:

  • Establishment of a company/mine MR infrastructure for mine applications (enterprise solution)
  • Development of first (example) applications, e.g. for shaft inspection or machine maintenance
  • Specific hardware adaptions for use in harsh environments

Keep your mine up to date.

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