Impacts for the mining industry

Like in other industries, optimized maintenance decisions for the transportation infrastructure will reduce the operational costs.

HoloMine will show in the pilot use cases steps how to fulfil this approach. With the expertise of our partners from industry, development and existing application areas, we will bring the momentum of software development to the mining industry.

Other benefits and impacts are:

  • Increased quality of maintenance decisions
  • Increased quality of maintenance works due to a more targeted way of working
  • Improved quality of cooperation between teams whose members belong to different businesses
  • Saving on travel cost

There is a common belief that mining is antiquated and deals mainly with dirt and dust. We want to counteract this in order to interest young people in the mining and raw materials sector and thus contribute to attracting young people to this environment! It is helpful in this respect that state-of-the-art technologies are used and applied in mining. By adapting holographic technology in the mining environment, the HoloMine project will make a contribution to this theme. In the medium term, this will lead to better recruiting opportunities for young talents.

The project offers the user several advantages. The use of holographic glass allows the maintenance or inspection personnel easy access to the required data. This eliminates the need to carry a laptop around with them and also eliminates the need to always look for a place to set up and operate the laptop. The user's hands remain free. 

Through the holographic glasses it is also possible to send images of what you see to a person who is in a different location, so that this person can see the same as the personnel on site. This reduces the frequency that a specialist has to visit the machine to be serviced in person, saving travel time and therefore travel costs.

In more general the values for the stakeholders are:

  • Internal values for the partners
  • Opening new market areas
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge through networking and developing new business ideas upon it
  • Creating new jobs in the field of product development, sales and marketing related to the new product
  • Increased customer readiness level and therefore improved opportunities to place the product on the market

Benefits provided to the wider KIC community

  • The technological cooperation will strengthen the global competitiveness of the European mining industry
  • Knowledge transfer within the KIC community through intensified communication as well as in-depth contacts between industry, universities and mining operators
  • Doctoral thesis and diploma thesis will bring new knowledge to the mining industry
  • Make use of digitization within the KIC Domain

The proposed HoloMine system will significantly improve the representation and accessibility of relevant data, as well as the quality of cooperation between teams whose members belong to different businesses. This will lead to an increased quality of maintenance and savings on travel costs.

Keep your mine up to date.

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