Project objective and strategic importance

The aim of the project is the introduction of a new display instrument to improve the miners' daily work.

For this purpose, the technical features of the holographic displays are used:

  • Virtual screens are used to give the technicians a multi-monitor experience underground 
  • To keep your hands free, you no longer need to use a laptop 
  • Provide all technicians, wherever they are located, with the same information in real time

To this end, use cases from a wide range of areas will be identified, such as maintenance of transport infrastructure (including mining machinery), shaft inspection, fire inspection and consulting services with the support of HoloLens.

The products MyneGuard and Autonomous Shaft Inspection System reflect exactly that. These products will be incorporated into the new use cases and extended by the holographic application.

Another idea is to simplify the evaluation of the data from the Autonomous Shaft Inspection System. The existing sensor system for shaft inspection provides extensive and very complex data sets. The existing "Change Detection" module automatically evaluates this data and provides a list of noticeable points. The HoloLens enables the simultaneous visualisation of 3D and 4D shaft inspection data for several users. Users can view the data, discuss it and make informed decisions.

A further module prepares this data and transfers it to the HoloLens. These can then be selected and viewed on the HoloLens.

HoloMine aims to create a live web environment where data can be collected and presented in easy-to-read tables, graphical dashboards and spatial views. It enables the connection and consolidation of a wide range of administrative and operational data across language, currency, commodity, unit of measure, time zone and location, which can be viewed from a single software solution, giving mining management teams greater confidence in making key strategic decisions for detailed scenario planning.

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