Executive Summary

Mixed reality visualization allows to reduce shaft inspection and machine maintenance cost by 15%, but there are few solutions available.

Larger cost reductions are possible when combining AR visualization with software for optimized system maintenance (up to 35% by reduced downtime and optimized maintenance).

The resulting mixed reality product will illustrate technical steps for quicker and more informed decisions towards autonomous mining.



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Popular Project Description

To achieve society acceptance and profitability the mining operations of the future have to be optimized in terms of impact to society and environment, safe and healthy working conditions and mining processes.

Mine digitalization (Mining 4.0) is identified as key technology for success, while Mixed Reality (MR) is the most promising way to enable users to leverage all benefits to improve operational efficiencies, by integration of real world and virtual world in one 3D/4D environment.

By use of already existing MR hardware the development of specific solutions for selected underground mining issues, including an overall enterprise data infrastructure, is planned within HoloMine.

The pilot solutions will clearly evidence that mixed reality solutions are perfect for enabling rapid shaft and roadway inspection, machine maintenance, 3D model visualization and quick decision-making. The mine will become a completely new canvas for everyone to understand and explore, to learn, communicate and interact with.

About HoloMine

Backround of the project

Mine automation and digitalization (known as Mining 4.0, Smart Mining or Intelligent Mining) is one of the key technologies for successful mining business of the future. The integration of real world and virtual world in one 3D/4D environment is one of the door opening technologies on this way, in particular to gain useful information out of big data packages.

Latest technology for realization is the Microsoft HoloLens; first application for different use cases from gaming industry through consumer applications to serious industrial applications are already available.

Work Packages

The work packages are the basic elements of the project and support both the market introduction and the development of the system.

The following work packages help to transform HoloMine from an idea into a real product:

  • WP0 HoloMine - Go-To-Market Strategy
  • WP1 HoloMine - Project Management
  • WP2 HoloMine - Professional development, learning and education
  • WP3 HoloMine - Preparation of HoloLens Operating System, data sources and applications 
  • WP4 HoloMine - Definition of Use Cases
  • WP5 HoloMine - Consolidation and integration
  • WP6 HoloMine - pilot planning, arrangement and realization

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Raw Materials Summit 2020, 29th - 30th September 2020 | Online

Meet us at the “DMT GROUP PANEL Sustainability, Exploration and Operations” 30 September 9:30 - 10:30 CET Registration: www.eitrmsummit.com

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Use Cases

Get an insight into the main areas of application under the “HOLOMINE Mixed Reality in Mining” program.

To implement our HoloMine system and prepare it for Augmented / Mixed Reality, several use cases were identified.

The use cases focus on possible scenarios and help us to achieve certain technical goals. They describe what can happen in terms of content when trying to achieve the goal and abstract from specific technical solutions and help with the development of requirements with which the system development can be controlled.

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